Bunce Island Exhibit

Kennesaw State University is the official host for the Bunce Island Exhibit in Georgia and you can find it online at http://www.kennesaw.edu/bunceisland/

Bunce Island was one of about 40 slave castles, or fortified trading posts, that European merchants built along the coast of West Africa during the period of the Atlantic slave trade. Slave traders based at the castles purchased African captives, imprisoned them, and loaded them aboard the slave ships that took them on the infamous middle passage to America. Scholars say Bunce Island is the most important historic site in Africa for the United States.The curator of the exhibit is Professor Joseph Opala of James Madison University. Mr. Opala has been studying Bunce Island for 30 years.
This exhibit on the history of Bunce Island and its links to the United States is now available for middle schools and high schools in the State of Georgia. Area schools that host the exhibit will be contributing indirectly to the Bunce Island Project, a non-profit organization that helps protect, study, and preserve Bunce Island.
The Bunce Island Exhibit will help teachers tell the story of Bunce Island and its strong historical connections to coastal Georgia and South Carolina. The exhibit shows that many African Americans in this area have ancestors who passed through Bunce Island.
Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the Bunce Island Exhibit into their school curriculum in order to deepen their students understanding of the impact of the Atlantic slave trade. The Bunce Exhibit will also raise awareness within local communities of the important contributions of enslaved Africans to Georgia’s history and development.
We encourage social studies teachers, resource teachers, media specialists, and language arts teachers to participate in this program.

Participating schools are asked to pick up the exhibit at Kennesaw State University and return it by the scheduled deadline. All Cobb County and Metro-Atlanta schools are invited to host the Bunce Island Exhibit to help us make students and the wider community aware of the importance of this African historic site to the State of Georgia.

The exhibit is available for scheduling throughout the academic school year. Normally, each school hosts the exhibit for two weeks. We are able to provide sample lesson plans on the exhibit. We are looking forward to your support in the Bunce Island Exhibit Project at KSU.
Please contact Dionne Blasingame, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) at [email protected] or call 404-408-5105.

For problems contacting the GRA, please contact Dr. Daniel J. Paracka at [email protected] or call 770-423-6336.