Our Team

Amadu Massally

Cultural Activist

Amadu Massally was born in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, but he moved to the United States as a young man in order to obtain higher education. He is, thus, a man of two worlds – both Africa and America – and he has used his knowledge and experience to help bring those worlds together in positive ways. Upon his return to Sierra Leone in 2009, he became very active in governance and from the Office of the President where he worked, he was instrumental in setting up the MCC office and initiated the Open Government Partnership in country, among other things. Since 2006 he has delved in reconnecting with descendants of Sierra Leone, and the Gullahs especially. Currently he operates with a broader span that has led him to re-establish links with Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. He currently works as a Senior Consultant with the World Bank on a Sierra Leone diaspora initiative to galvanize their resources into investments back home. Amadu's ultimate vision is to reconnect the Continent back to the diaspora and aims to make the Sierra Leone approach something that could/should be emulated by others.

John Angus Martin


John Angus Martin is an historian, archivist and museum curator who was born and grew up in Grenada. After graduating from SUNY, Stony Brook, NY with a degree in Biological Sciences (1986), he spent the next three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa. There, he first thought about the connections between Sierra Leone and Carriacou after visits to Bunce Island with Mr. Joseph Opala, and living and working among the Temnes. Mr. Martin holds master’s degrees in Agricultural and Applied Economics (1995) and History (1999) from Clemson University, South Carolina. He has worked as a Reference Archivist (1998-2001) at Texas A&M University, and as a Country Desk Officer (2002-10) in the Africa Region of the US Peace Corps, which provided opportunities to travel to countries like Liberia, Mali, Ghana and Goree Island, Senegal, places important to the study of Caribbean slavery and colonialism. He served as Director/Curator of the Grenada National Museum (2012-15), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Heritage Management at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Mr. Martin is the author of A-Z of Grenada Heritage (2007), and Island Caribs and French Settlers in Grenada (2013).