The Temne Homecoming

But the Temne Reunion is just the beginning. The Sierra Leone Government will issue an invitation for representatives of the Carriacou Temne community to come on a “Temne Homecoming” to Sierra Leone in 2017. Back in their ancestral homeland, the Carriacou Temnes will call on high-ranking government officials, meet Temne paramount chiefs, tour traditional villages, visit rice farms, sample Temne foods and, most importantly, observe the Bondo Society dance that so resembles their own Big Drum Dance performance. They will also be greeted by ordinary Temne people wherever they go.

Since the Temne Reunion and Temne Homecoming will be such powerful events – inspiring to people not just in Grenada and Sierra Leone, but all over the world – it is important that that these events be preserved in a video documentary. Therefore, we are urging the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) to document the Reunion, and the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) to document the Homecoming. We propose that these two networks collaborate on a documentary of both events drawn from their respective filming. In the end, a one-hour documentary called perhaps “A People Reunited” can be broadcast in both countries, and hopefully in other parts of the world as well.